Writer’s Bootcamp


So, confession time: I started this blog as a jumping off point for me after my 365 Blog Project, which is now in its final days.  Like a proper masochist, I’m not 100% ready to stop writing every single day.  You could say that this blog is my rebound action.

However, I had a weird freedom with the 365 Blog: I was allowed to write drivel at times because — hey — I am writing every single day.  A freedom that falls by the wayside when you have a blog that doesn’t have such a strict requirement.

So this is where the Writing Prompt Boot Camp comes in.  My best friend introduced me to this wonderful (and FREE) ebook.  I couldn’t help but chuckle: oh man, can I handle two weeks of writing every single day?  But, in all seriousness, this will force me to write based on other people’s topics (Am I down with OPT?  Yeah, you know me), and that’s a lot more difficult than blathering on about whatever comes to mind.

If you’re interested in this bootcamp, I suggest you go here and download it.  I plan on starting this August 6th, which is the day after my 365 Blog finishes.  Get ready for 14 mind-blowing posts that’ll make you grateful that you stopped taking fiction writing classes in college.

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