Writer’s Bootcamp, Day Six


Alphabet Poem: Write a 26-line poem using all the letters of the alphabet.  Have the first line start with the letter “A”, the second “B”, the third “C”, etc.

A poem written that must
B “beetle”
Conform in a such way that it
D “defenestrate”
Efficiency uses every letter in the
F “fennel”
Gahd-damn alphabet seems a bit
H “hat trick”
Insipid, especially given that
J “jester”
K “kryptonian”
Most people will start using random
N “neophyte”
Or forced words to complete the
Poem, like
Q “quagmire” or
R “ruckus” or
S “sassaphrass” or
T “Timbuktu” or
U “utilitarian”.  I mean, honestly it’s not a
Very good
Way of creating an engaging and
X “xenophobia”
Yokeless poem
Z “zephyr”

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