Writer’s Bootcamp, Day Six

Alphabet Poem: Write a 26-line poem using all the letters of the alphabet.  Have the first line start with the letter "A", the second "B", the third "C", etc.A poem written that mustB "beetle"Conform in a such way that itD "defenestrate"Efficiency uses every letter in theF "fennel"Gahd-damn alphabet seems a bitH "hat trick"Insipid, especially given… Continue reading Writer’s Bootcamp, Day Six

Writer’s Bootcamp, Day Five

American Graffiti: You're downtown, and see graffiti in an unlikely place -- graffiti like you've never seen before, concerning someone you know.Growing up in the city, you see a lot of graffiti.Everything, from spray painted walls to Sharpie on the bathroom stalls.  There's so much graffiti that it will apparently make you rhyme while explaining… Continue reading Writer’s Bootcamp, Day Five