A Few Thoughts While Grocery Shopping

Okay, this gets me every time I'm at the supermarket. WHY the gluten-free labels on chicken breasts? Were these chickens raised on a gluten-free diet?  Or are they trying to remind us that plain chicken cutlets are gluten-free? Word to the wise, farmers: if your chickens have grains in their meat, you are raising your… Continue reading A Few Thoughts While Grocery Shopping

On Casual Misogyny and Referees

A few days ago, for the first time since he joined the team, I went to one of my husband's intramural basketball games.  I walked into the building 15 minutes before the game was set to play, found a seat with a clear view of the court, and sat down.  The people actually playing the game milled… Continue reading On Casual Misogyny and Referees