ALL the Things

Well this “Tales from Wes the Traveling Monkey” is one for the books. What type of book…eh, jury’s still out on that one.

SO — let me paint a picture for you:
Coastline area just south of Halifax. Lovely beaches, with lovely trails that bring you to yet more lovely beaches. I got my camera in hand, snapping away like a crazy person, because it is stupidly gorgeous everywhere I look and this is exactly how I roll: take pictures of ALL the things.

Then we get to the last beach in this set of trails.  There’s barely anyone on this beach — just a few men in the distance.  I’m snapping away with my camera until I realize something very very VERY important.

This beach is clothing optional.

And those men at the beach? Opted out.

Take pictures of ALL the things, indeed.

(FYI, this picture was not taken at said beach.)

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