No one reads poetry! And also no one reads blogs!

And also only granola people take yoga.

Clearly I’m on a mission to prove ALL those wrong (I’m pretty sure the mini-box of Slim Jims I ate last week renders me ineligible for the granola club).

So I teach yoga (and eat Slim Jims), I’m writing in a blog, but how am I going to defy that first one…

e-book_cover_1400x2100 (1)


Thought Catalog – the very first website I started writing for, way back in the day, and the company that published my very first book (I’m Just Here for the Free Scrutiny, available in ebook wherever digital shelves are…digital) has made a very lofty dream that I made as a kid possible (I want a book, a collection of short stories, and a collection of poetry published before the age of 30.  Granted, the book was self-published and the short stories are more anecdotal accounts of modeling things, but – still – mission accomplished!  I feel like George W Bush…)

Curious what my poetry is like?  Well, if you follow my instagram account ThatAbbyRose — or like my Facebook page, you already know what my poetry is like!  But here’s a sampling in case you need it:






So — where can you buy this?

Well, on Amazon, of course!  Where you can buy anything!  Also iBooks!  Or you can check out the Thought Catalog page for it — or even check out three years worth of writing on my Thought Catalog author page.  The possibilities are endless!

So…buy it. With your money. And help me on my crusade to prove people still read poetry.

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