A Call For Help (Or Something Like That)


**I need your help!**

Yes, you — person who is literate and also possesses the ability to click a blue button.

(I’m assuming.)

One of my not-yet-published manuscripts — In The Event The Flower Girl Explodes — is now part of a Kindle Scout Campaign on Amazon, and I need nominations.

How do you nominate me?
1. Click on this link: https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/2B6XOMFOADEN0
2. Click the little blue button that says, “Nominate.”


It is SERIOUSLY as easy as that. Nothing to sign up for (assuming you have an Amazon account — and at this point not having an Amazon account is like saying you don’t have email, like how do you function in the modern day), no email lists to be a part of. And if Kindle Scout chooses my book for publication, you will get a FREE e-book of In The Event the Flower Girl Explodes.

(Not a bad deal, amirite?)

If you’re interested, the link also has a shortened synopsis and the first 25 pages up for a free read. (And if you’re not interested, skip all that and just click the blue button.) While not a “most votes win” type of situation, Kindle Scout uses the nominations to gauge interest in the book, so more nominations = more interest = my manuscript looks more appealing to the editors.

Within the first 10 hours, In The Event the Flower Girl Explodes landed on the “Hot & Trending” list and has, for the most part, stayed on said list.  It’s beyond anything I could’ve asked for, and I’m praying I can stay on that list for as long as possible.  While not a guarantee, being on “Hot & Trending” tells the Kindle Scout editors that my book has commercial potential (which means they’ll be more likely to publish it).

So I turn to you, readers who put up with my babbling for the last 3 years.  Can you do a girl a solid and click a blue button?


2 thoughts on “A Call For Help (Or Something Like That)”

  1. done. i love your posts as abby rose – even recommended to other people. good stuff. keep up the good work. mary

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