Updates, Steven Tyler, and Prana & Apana

Firstly, an update on my brother, since it actually was getting under my skin that I never updated my blog about how everything was going (and it's a monstrous pet peeve of mine, when people are quick to communicate tragedy/bad news, but feel zero impetus to communicate the resolution): He's doing better.  Surgery went well… Continue reading Updates, Steven Tyler, and Prana & Apana

When “No Regrets” Evolves on You

  At 16, “No Regrets” meant never having to say sorry for your actions.  It meant shirking away from the consequences of the things you did and said with almost sociopathic glee. “No regrets,” was said as you made out with the guy a grade above you, knowing full-well he had a girlfriend.  No Regrets… Continue reading When “No Regrets” Evolves on You