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The Secret to a Happy Marriage tackles the quieter heartbreaks and complexities of family and marital life. It delicately interweaves stories of tragedy, hope, difficulty, and resilience. A couple grapples with the consequences of an unspoken trauma, while another stands helplessly by as their relationship disintegrates. A child finds refuge from her parents’ toxic marriage, while another witnesses the devastating effects of alcoholism on his family. A man tries to find love in the aftermath of divorce – or is at least willing to take whatever refuge he can find. A daughter struggles to forgive her mother’s sins against her dying father – and struggles to find her own path in life in the aftermath of those sins. A husband’s sudden death reveals a lifetime of secrets for his widowed wife to sort through. Stories from this collection have been featured in Chaleur Magazine, the Bangalore Review, the Esthetic Apostle, Thought Catalog, Storgy Magazine, and others. The Secret to a Happy Marriage gives an unflinching look into the nuances of parenthood, childhood, and marriage.



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Venom explores the topics of love, loss, rage, and the perils of finding forgiveness. As Abby Rosmarin’s second collection of poetry, Venom weaves together a narrative of empowerment and personal transformation. It explores the delicate nuances of everyday life and pulls no punches as it dives into the beautiful, the ugly, the raw, and the divine.



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My Best Friend’s Wedding with a rainbow twist! From the first page, readers will be sucked into Nicole Winger’s world. Smart, funny, new-grad Nicole wrestles with territory all too familiar to twenty-somethings… An entertaining read for anyone who enjoys their black humor with a side of substance (and a little frill) or has had to navigate the ever-treacherous waters of a loved one pairing off with someone utterly loathsome.
-Sara DiVello, bestselling author, Where in the OM Am I? One Woman’s Journey from the Corporate World to the Yoga Mat

It’s the wedding of the century. Her big brother – the man who was a second father to her after their dad passed – is the groom. And Nicole is fighting just to keep her head above water.

She’s surrounded by an aloof bride-to-be, a psychotic mother of the bride, ridiculous bridesmaids, and a town that feels like a parody of Americana. Her own family is perfectly fine with everything – with the exception of her wise-cracking cousin Ella, whose antics only serve to get Nicole even further into trouble. The wedding stress is invading all aspects of her life, including her own relationship. Nicole only wants what’s best for her brother – but what if that involves her brother leaving his fiancée at the altar?

As the wedding day approaches and tensions continue to rise, Nicole is forced to figure out what love, loyalty, and honesty mean – before it’s too late and she loses everyone she loves.



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Life isn’t a fairytale – or chick lit.

It’s 2005 and Katy Sinclaire is two years out of college. She still lives with her old university roommate and still works at the same bookstore that she’s been with since she was a teenager. She spends her days avoiding customers, making fun of the books in the store, and counting the minutes until she can clock out. It is an increasingly unsatisfying life, but it’s also a life that she does not question. That is, until a chain of events forces Katy to confront the painful truth: she is going absolutely, positively, nowhere in life. She realizes that she needs to do something, and now.

Only one problem: Katy has absolutely, positively, no idea what the first step should be.

The other problem? From her harebrained misadventures, to her chisel-jawed boyfriend, to her best guy friend (who is not-so-secretly in love with her), Katy’s life starts mimicking the very chick literature she mocks. Only life isn’t as predictable as a storybook, a lesson Katy is forced to learn as she desperately tries to figure out her purpose in life – if such a purpose even exists.


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Why does poetry get such a bad rap?

Why are we quicker to pass on it, call BS on it, or assume it has no place in the modern day?

Good poetry makes you experience an entire novel’s worth of feelings in a couple of short (or long) lines. Poetry is emotion: condensed, snapshot-like peeks into something deeper. And that’s what makes it radical in the modern age: poetry is vulnerability in a time when we reduce experiencing these beautiful, tragic, visceral emotions into terms like “catching feelings”.

In No One Reads Poetry: A Collection of Poems, Abby Rosmarin explores all facets of life: from love to loss, anxiety to depression, existential panics to moments of pure beauty & clarity. Life is an overwhelming beast, and poetry can help sort some of that out.


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How do I break into the modeling world? Do I have what it takes to become a supermodel? Where did I leave my keys? I will answer none of these questions in my new book I’m Just Here for the Free Scrutiny. But I will provide you with a few laughs as I talk about my time in the fashion and commercial industries. From when I learned I don’t have a sex-phone operator voice to when I fainted in the middle of a shoot. From when I bombed a movie audition to when I was upstaged by the modeling equivalent of a soccer mom. It’s all here. So sit back, relax, and read a few stories that will remind you that modeling is about as glamorous as babysitting a bunch of toddlers. Toddlers on a sugar rush.

By the way, your keys are underneath your jacket in the kitchen.

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